Sport park in Sosnowiec

Competition. Second prize ex aequo. Football stadium + sports halls + urban park.
Sosnowiec, Poland

this is the baKpak of the building

Today, some sport facilities have become great elements of significance to the city to which they belong. Its scale, appearance and function have transformed them in pole attractors able to characterize urban spaces and channeling large flows.

In the city of Sosnowiec, located in the southeastern Poland, we have tried to crystallize somehow the history and tradition of the city. Three pieces spread along a natural territory that reminds carved shapes, typical of the mining activity in the region.

Programmatically the intervention poses a 15.000 seats-football stadium, a 2000 seats-sports pavilion and another one for ice sports. These three pieces are placed around a central open space as a large public square, bounded on its northern limit by a hill that houses a ski slope. In total, four sports items that will equip and revitalize a green area on the outskirts of the city for the enjoyment of its inhabitants. A new meeting place with scale to accommodate both sporting and non-sporting concentrations. A new attractor pole in Sosnowiec.

Materially, the pieces are understood as lightweight, translucent and shiny elements. A tridimensional structure is holding an envelope made out of ETFE panels along the entire stadium. In pavilions, that translucent skin will appear in the faces that give access to the square, solidifying with aluminum panels on rooftops and opposite facades. That paneling stablish a clear symbolism with the soccer and hockey team badge.

Formally, the three volumes are faceted keeping a common language with the aim of generating a homogeneous whole.

The sports complex will be equipped with outdoor parking, with access for bus and VIP areas.

Project: Sport park in Sosnowiec

Client: Sosnowiec Town Hall

Stage: Competition, 2nd Prize ex aequo.

Location: Sosnowiec, Poland

Area: 117.500 m2

Budget: 45.000.000 €

Architects: baKpak architects with EOVAStudio.

Colaborators: Andrea Dameno.