Nursery “Los Caracoles”

Nursery with 3 units in Jabugo.
Jabugo, Huelva. (Spain).

this is the baKpak of the building 

Colored pieces of wood stacked forming castles, houses, cities, bridges, roads … first spontaneous architectures where children begin to understand the gravity and imagine first space scale.

Our proposal is a small factory, with factory structure with large spaces where different parts of the production process occur next to each other.

Industrial roofing sawtooth, getting the best natural lighting for the welfare of its members and avoiding unnecessary spending light. It is a compact building that is projected onto the landscape

The project consists of three longitudinal modules and two transverse modules.

Longitudinal modules formalize skylights and the structure of three classrooms. While transverse modules host the secondary uses as administration, kitchen and toilet on the one hand, and warehouses, changing and sleeping areas on the other.

At this intersection of crossed modules, it appears crossed views through glass boxes, which in turn reflect the landscape and create an interior space with no apparent limits.


Project: Nursery with 3 units in Jabugo.

Client: Ayuntamiento de Jabugo.

State: Built.

Location: Jabugo, Huelva. (Spain).

Surfase: 250 m2.

Architects: baKpak architects.

Collaborators: Ignacio Olivares Pont.

Execution Director: Antonio Mota.

Constructor: Construcciones Sánchez Perez S.L.

Consultant Facilities: Bernardino Morillo Merino.

Consultant Structure: Duarte y Asociados.

Photographer: Jesús Granada.