Masterplan in Germering

Public space design and volumetric proposal of an urban area in the city of Germering.
Germering (Germany).

this is thel baKpak of the building 

Build City.

Cities are articulated through squares and urban spaces  generated for citizens. Each of them are characterized by something peculiar, something that makes us remember … something that makes us want to come back to them.

Build up cities means to build from the public space, avoiding breaking and establishing continuity with the existing urban tissue.

We propose to rediscover the city of Germering through its streets. An analysis of the current situation let us to conclude that in this central area there are three unconnected spaces.

We therefore propose to build two new public spaces, crystallized in a system of squares capable of generating looping spaces as occurs in the historic centers of European cities. With the addition of these two new squares we clarify the reading of the city center. We can walk from one place to another, discovering the different urban spaces and their qualities.

The train tracks are an important showcase for Germering. Thousands of people cross dairy through the city. Therefore it turns essential to build a welcoming public space able to capture the attention of potential future residents. However, the tracks are infrastructures that generate significant barriers. Therefore is necessary to build another space able to establish a strong connection between the north and south of Germering.

Continuous public space

We propose a continuous public space free of architectonic barriers, a place where pedestrians have priority and where vehicles circulate at low speed.

The area is paved with granite pavers to create a homogeneous public space in which three squares stand out as a carpet over the cobblestones. Each square is conceived as a device and as an urban connection stop gap.

The square of the theatre creates a direct connection between the main north-south and theater itself. On the other hand, the space station generates a direct connection to the platforms, while the stepped square connects the northern part of the city with the south. The connections are constructed by topographies that generate seats and stay spaces.

Project: Masterplan in Germering

Client: Germering Town Hall.

Stage: Competition, First Prize.

Location: Germering, Germany

Area: 60.000 m2

Architects: baKpak architects con Architekturbüro Leinhäupl + Neuber

Colaborators: Andrea Dameno, Valentina Damian.