Kalasadama Hotel “Horizon Plaza Tallin”

Hotel. Competition, 1st prize.
Tallin (Estonia)

this is the baKpak of the building

The new hotel is located in a privileged enclave at the foot of the historical center of Tallinn near the seaside north of the city, adjacent to the monument Lina Hall and in front of the Baltic Sea.

The concept seeks to enhance these visual relations and to convert the new hotel in a perfect object from which one could contemplate the best views of the city.

In order to do this, the volume separates itself in the south part into five heights that define the urbanistic plan generating in the building a system of summer terraces that light rooms like the Spa or the congress halls. This movement creates a recessed facade oriented to the south that sees, free of any visual obstacles the historical center of the city.

This first movement of separation gives to the principal volume of the hotel a round and strong shape. The triangular volume has rounded edges and a big internal patio. Three facades for three landscapes; the historical center of Tallinn, the monument Lina Hall and the imposing views of the Baltic Sea.

This beautiful round object synthesizes the importance of its position in the city and creates a hotel structure that minimizes the travel distance allowing its guests to reach any space in a short time.


Project: Kalasadama Hotel, Tallin. Estonia

Client: Private

Stage: Competition, First Prize.

Location: Tallin, Estonia.

Area: – m2

Budget: – €

Architects: Architects: Borja Navarro Ibáñez de Aldecoa, José De la Peña Gómez Millán, José María González Chamorro, José A Pavón González, Myriam Rego Gómez, Jaan Kuusemets, Erko Luhaaru y Anne Vingisar.
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