Biopharmaceutical Center: Offices, laboratories, and production.
Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)

este es el baKpak del edificio

It is a building for the development of proteins through the use of fly larvae that is protected in the pharmaceutical sector.

The architectural proposal works with the concepts of abstract and sterile: The abstract quality from the exclusion of the subject and aseptic as absence of matter, free of ornaments or superfluous.

The project creates a clean image; a contextualized materiality and an inward open structure and closed towards the outside, but with lots of natural light. This is made possible thanks to a strategy based on the system-yard block that links together.

The work is organized into three thematic sections, a conceptual development (offices – R & D + I), Block A; a second one of industrial production, Block B; and a third of warehouse and logistics, Block C. Access points are organized in two axis: One pedestrian, consisting of two parallel strips that connect the three blocks, one of communication and services; and a rounded one, organized outside the plot with a side access and parking.
The building is a rectangular prism with a is 21 m front, a length of 48 meters and a height of 8.70 meters; which has three courtyards: One in the front, center, and in the rear, separating each block allowing natural light into all the rooms.



Project: Bionaturis

Client: Privado

Status: –

Location: Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)

Surface: 1.000 m2

Arquitectos: Architects: Bakpak Architets
Team: Agueda González Sanchez y Carlos Santamaría Giron