21 November, 2019

Bakpak Architects wins the 1st Prize in the International Competition for the architectural and urban planning of a residential area in the city of Karlsruhe (Germany)

Karlsruhe, Germany.

Bakpak Architects together with the German office ALN win the 1st Prize in the International Competition for Architectural and Urban Planning of a residential area in the city of Karlsruhe (Germany). The close relationship with this study has already earned them the Germering Master Plan and the Ausburg Housing Tower.

The city of karlsruhe is marked by the forgotten traces of ancient meanders of the Rhine River. One of them is located a few meters from the Marster plan’s intervention area. With this in mind, the project proposes to introduce water lagoons in the public space as connection elements of the public space and as key pieces in the identity of this new ecological neighborhood. Meeting places that connect the existing with the new, generating meeting places for the neighbors.

On the other hand, in the intervention zone two cross streets converge that connect the city with this space of water and trees so attractive. The winning proposal of Bakpak Architcts and ALN seeks maximum permeability to this place through the carving of the pieces creating a branched system of roads that strengthen the relationship of urban and natural, thus facilitating access to this space for the inhabitants of The whole neighborhood.


The proposal also takes into account that the intervention area is in an intermediate place between a city with a traditional plot and a city with a garden city. For this reason, it is proposed that a gradual transition between semi-detached single-family homes with 2 floors to 9-storey. This transition generates a strong connection of the new proposal with the existing city, creating a new neighborhood that is respectful of the place, ecological, attractive and contemporary.

Due to the proximity of the intervention area to this interesting space of water and vegetation, we fled the closed apple typology and opted for an apple whose views open to this space. This means that a large number of homes will be able to enjoy this place.

The project proposes a system of raised squares 65 cm in the heart of the apples that will serve as private places of residence for the neighbors, from these hearts access to all homes is produced. From these points, the space is becoming more and more public until it reaches the outside of the blocks where the water lagoons appear, such as catalysts and public meeting points.

We propose a type of housing quite affordable because each unit has a single core for about 30 homes. We also look for the maximum typological mix, so that on each floor there are typologies from 45 to 90 m2. Inside each block there is a large communal emptiness illuminated zenithal where neighbors can perform collective activities. In addition, connected to this large atrium in each block there is a closed room overlooking the Garden and terrace, where residents can share activities, children can play, grandparents read, teach piano, dance, birthdays can be celebrated, etc.

Under these premises, Bakpak Architects and the German office ALN have won the international architectural and urban planning competition.

More information about the project in this link.