Rail Baltic Passengers Terminal

Masterplan River Area: Train Station + park. Competition, 4th Prize.
Pärnu (Estonia).

this is the baKpak of the building 

Pärnu is a tourist, business and meeting point city. It is said that if you do not see your friends the whole year round, you will certainly find them in Parnu. We therefore believe that the station should serve as the presentation of Parnu and Estonia, should be an icon recognizable. We propose that the arrival to the Pärnu´s terminal is a kind experience with natural light and open to the landscape, avoiding tunnels or not intuitive paths. We want the visitors to say goodbye to Pärnu already thinking about coming back.
Located next to the new business center of the city, the terminal is an opportunity of connection between the park and the new center.

We propose to create a new public platform the same scale as the train platform. This new linear public space connects in a simple and powerful way the city ,train station and port by elevated walkway generating a dynamic space projected to the river.

We place the station in an elevated position to get panoramic views of the surroundings and also get visitors to experience an access to Parnu always lit and open to the landscape. Besides the high station generates more direct and optimal routes for passengers.

The project proposes an intervention regeneration of the whole area through a strategy of low performance. We call it urban acupuncture as it tries to turn the whole place by including the minimum possible elements. Therefore we don´t want to impose new structure throughout the area. Maintain existing roads create new activities and endowments.


Project:  Masterplan River Area: Train Station + park

Client: City consul of Pärnu.

State: 4th Prize.

Location: Pärnu (Estonia).

Surface: 2000 m2 Train Station + 100.000 m2 Park.

Architects: baKpak architects + Sweco.