Gastrobar: Tapas and drinks.
Seville (Spain).

this is the baKpak of the building 

The local project structure into two distinct parts: A private and a public area. In the private area, the kitchen and bar are located. The public area is divided into three parts: An area with ​​high tables next to the dividing wall, the bar area together with the sidewall made with a screen of pine and tensioned strings, and a central walkway connecting the entrance and facade bar. The holes in the facade are simple and are embodied by a steel frame painted in black. The brick façade is painted in black.

Projetc: Tricota.

Client: Gastrotécnica S.L.

State: Built.

Location: Seville (Spain).

Area: 90 m2.

Architects: baKpak architects

Constructor manager: Miguel Santos Garcia Romero.

Constructor: Juanjo S.L.

Installations Consultance: Eva Jimenez del Rio Consultora