Museum and center for the innovation and promotion of iberian pig

Headquarters of the Regulatory Council of the Origin Protected Designation of Jam from Jabugo.
Jabugo, Huelva. (Spain).

this is the baKpak of the building 

Architecture can sometimes become an instrument of representation. Assign a way of inhabiting to a built form makes us speak about typologies. Make a center of innovation and promotion of the Iberian pig pushes us to an interesting search: Recover origins, traveling in time and traditions. Search in the “pig architectures”, from the sheepfold to cellar from the birth of the pig to maturity of Ham, as those two brackets which runs between life and aging Pig. Two typologies distant in time and form that frame the enigmatic and attractive world of Iberian pig and have been the key of our project.

The “Tiro a Pichon” is not a single building but a complex, which was constructed in three phases. The first one is from in the first decades of the twentieth century and corresponds to the main building, which is attributable to Aníbal González, architect of reference of the Andalusian regionalism and author of the Plaza of Spain in Seville. One of the first uses was the pleasure palace for Pigeon Shoot. The second phase takes place between 1936 and 1941, and corresponds to a biggest new building used as hotel; and the last stage was built in the 50s and corresponds to the intermediate ship dedicated to halls and rooms and a pool built on a lower platform.

The first decision of the project is to respect the building “Tiro a Pichon” and its original presence on the square. On the ground floor is situated in the central tourist information point about “Ham Route” and exhibition areas. The 1st floor contains the “Seat of the Control Board of the Designation of Origin Jabugo”. The 2nd floor is reserved for co-working space of companies related to the sector. The communications hub located in the south wing connects directly to the basement where they found the new cellar, a multipurpose space where cured hams, research and kitchen are connected.

The rest of the project is structured by implementing three isolated constructions which called “sheepfolds”. Within each we can find a constructed part (a) and a free area (b) facing the central plaza.

The first sheepfold is the hall and distributor between the colonial building and the building of “Tiro Pichon”. Inside we found a box as a showcase, exhibiting hams, connecting with the winery.

The second sheepfold contains a cafe and toilets.

The third sheepfold is located on the old pool. Recycling their structure and using it as hall-auditorium.


Project: Museum and center for the innovation and promotion of iberian pig.

Client: Junta de Andalucia.

State: Built.

Location: Jabugo, Huelva. (Spain).

Surface: 1.709 m2. built and 7.560 m2. public space.

Architects: baKpak architects.

Collaborators: Marta Pérez Gonzalo y Patricia Pérez Lucas.

Execution Director: Miguel Santos García Romero y José Anselmo Arteaga.

Consultant Facilities: Eva Jiménez del Rio.

Consultant Structure: Duarte y Asociados.

Photographer: Jesús Granada.