Multifunctional building in Guiyang

Competition. First Prize. Mixed use building (Comercial + Hotel + Housing)
Guiyang, China

this is the baKpak of the building

Guiyang City was born as a crossroads of two important trade routes from China. The result of this position has become a metropolis with an important steel industry.

The proposal area belong to a old industrial area of ​​the city, and understanding this situation, we seek to create an atmosphere to remember this past working with materials produced by the industry and reflecting its sincerity.

The ​​14000 m2 project, in a first phase will hold a hotel, shopping center and sales office for a property development on adjoining lands. The building, although it is designed as an isolated element in this initial phase, in a second phase will be part of a block of three towers (residential + offices), with altitudes between 150 and 170 m. Once the sales period is completed, the building will be dedicated exclusively to commercial and hotel use. Part of the complexity of the solution was to design a comprehensive piece both in isolated stage and as part of a set of larger scale.

The proposal seek, on one hand a unique building able to attract people interested in this new development, and secondly, a building with the quality of “building door” from the outer urban spaces towards a future block´s interior space. A building that intentionally raises up its ends to allow a physical and visual permeability. Conceptually the proposal built up an office program along a limit that defines a large covered space, as a great “hall” to hold the sales area.

Proyect: Multifunctional building

Client: Private developer

Stage: Ongoing

Location: Guiyang (China).

Area: 14.000 m2.

Budget: 8.000.000 €

Architects: baKpak architects + BOA