Collective Housing and Municipal Office
Steckborn (Switzerland)

this is the baKpak of the building 

The general implementation of all buildings have been designed in coherence with the village’s scale. The project involves to develop social housings and public buildings. The plot is situated in the principal Steckborn Avenue and in front of a public area with a primary school and a skatepark. In this point is designed a new square, with the publics building, generated a new public center. This square is thought like the plot’s entrance and a multifuncional space.

Generate a relation between the new architecture and the traditional architecture it’s our intention. We are interested in the integration between green areas and village’s typical urban pattern. In this way, we propose an atomized implantation which emphasized the continuity of the free space, in opposition to an architecture like limit. So we have designed housings in a park with a heart green in the center of the plot. Our architecture show a relation very intense with the plot’s interior.

Our morphological investigation is based in a gabled tradicional roof very common in this area. This volume is divided in two part to create smaller volumes, which were organized in three groups of four piece oriented to finding the light sun. Each of them, have an empty space like a fissure where we find the building’s nucleus of vertical communications.


Project:  Collective Housing and Municipal Office

Client: City consul of Steckborn.

State: Finalist.

Location: Steckborn (Switzerland).

Surface: 5.698 m2.

Architects: Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra + baKpak architects