Hybrid building “Tallinna Kaubamaja”.

Hybrid building for Department stores + Offices + Housing
Tallin, Estonia

this is the baKpak of the building

The project is located at the limit of the important historical center of Tallinn in a boundary position between the old city and the new financial and commercial outskirts. In this duality we try to respond to these two scales. The scale of the new city, regular and surrounded by towers and the farthest scale, the one of the historical center that will allow to be contemplated from our building. Another adaptation to the scale of the surrounding city is to generate a system of stepped green roof that will create the fifth attractive facade that will be perceived from the surrounding buildings.

The project is considered as an ascending volume that generates continuity between the different heights that are allowed according to the urban norms. This continuity also responds to an idea of internal paths and connection between the “worlds” that are inside the Kaubajama department store.

The new building is staggered having as minimum height the maximum height of the current historic building of Kaubamaja and at the highest altitude the maximum 39.5 meters allowed in the opposite side of the plot towards Ravala Avenue. This concept of ascending building not only looks for an idea of a strong and radical building but also give us the possibility of generating a stepped oblique atrium that looks towards the street Kaubamaja and the possibility of having terraces at different levels that look at the historical center of the city.

Kaubamaja building is composed of two main atriums. Both atriums open to the street showing the city the inner life. We understand these spaces as large windows to the city, multipurpose spaces that will house cafes, exhibition spaces, spaces for art or any type of act or performance.

Both atriums are connected to create a continuous three-dimensional space that we have called “the gap” and that produces a “break” along the perimeter of the building. A three-dimensional space of glass that opens kaubamaja to the city and the city to kaubamaja. This strategy wants to create a new customer experience that is not only limited to purchases but to the creation of spaces of social relation, walk and enjoyment within the department store.

It is therefore a large building that is composed of several buildings. The façades of the Kaubamaja department store are made of aluminum panels in their pure shopping areas and glass in the communication areas (“the gap”) and other public areas. The office building differs from the rest of the set with a curved glass facade that provides a vibrant technological facade which creates a distinction from the rest of the project.


Project: Hybrid building for “Tallinna Kaubamaja”.

Client: Tallinna Kaubamaja

Stage: Competition. 1st Prize..

Location: Tallinn, Estonia.

Area: 57.000 m2

Budget: – €

Architects: Bakpak Architects with DAGOpen

Collaborators: –

Consulting: –

Visualization: Mantula Pavel