Multifunctional building in Rzeszow

Competition. First Prize. Mixed use building (comercial + hotel + housing)
Rzeszow, Poland

this is the baKpak of the building

Tradition in the modern world is our leitmotif in the work on this project. The Pottery Courtyard owes its name to the traditional ceramic handicraft trade fair for local artisans. This tradition today is just a memory. Through this project we want to restore life to this heritage, an important event for the region and the city.

The composition of the building stems from the urban development of the downtown area. By following the alignment of the surrounding streets we get a building with a compact shape, which is cut from the outside with sharp lines but not in the inside, where we find a blue colored courtyard. This new Courtyard called the “The Pottery Courtyard” has a rounded form and a tapered cut that opposes the external geometry of the streets. This courtyard was “brought on a potter’s wheel” looking for connections with the world of the handicraft tradition by providing good ventilation and lighting functions.

The process of creating pottery influenced the decision of the shape of the building on the outside and inside thanks to the possibility of cutting, carving and turning on the potter’s wheel. Thus arose the idea for a project at work with clay. We want a building carved in the ground with a huge surprise inside.

The Pottery Courtyard is considered a public place. It will be entirely pedestrian and directly communicated with the Old Market. Bearing in mind the flow of people from the Market Square, the main entrance of the courtyard it is designed as a powerful open, inviting passers to get into.

The proposed building is seven floors above ground level and has three floors underground. The program consist in commercial areas in basement and ground floor, hotel along the three first floors and housing and social club with a restaurant for the rest of them.


Proyect: Multifunctional building

Client: Private developer

Stage: Competition, First Prize

Location: Rzeszow, Poland

Area: 23.000 m2.

Budget: 25.000.000 €

Architects: baKpak architects with EOVAStudio.

Colaborators: Andrea Dameno, Sarah Alberti, Alberto Torrado