Madrid 0,0 Competition

104 housing consumption almost zero.
Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, España.

this is the baKpak of the building 

In a discipline so keen to synthesis and informed by numerous inputs from which we select those degrees of satisfaction that we intend to obtain a selective set of them, is not easy to achieve a serene and natural balance when the aim of the competition is activated with motivating challenges.

In our case we considered priority issues in one hand, the conquest of almost zero energy waste for the building and typological flexibility, quantifiable in terms of spatialtemporal compatibility for both a standard household, their growth and development over time, and for coexistence and juxtaposition of activities in the neighborhood unit.

On the other hand we have considered, with the same level of importance, our understanding of architecture as unique and infragmentable act that must not be invested with specific issues that belong to currents architectural topics, even when these are proof of virtue to be achieved by the competitors. In this sense, our understanding of collective housing in a consolidated suburbs environment, built-up with isolated blocks has much to do with the willingness in designing a timelessness city.

The implementation of the building is made by placing a solid volume between the street alignment and its parallel towards interior. Two fragments are subtracted on the ground floor in order to facilitate access and establish perceptive relationship with the environment.

The type of housing are crossing apartments in order to enjoy two directions and obviate the need to use lighting or ventilation courtyards.

The passive energy strategy is based on a southern facade made by greenhouse terraces and north facade with a high degree of isolation.

The house will be equipped with a guiding program that consists in the living room and kitchen with an interactive terrace as a common social area, besides, dressing area, the bathroom and master bedroom as private program. This nucleus, in all types will be isolated in terms of functionality from the rest of the housing program having in common only the entrance.

The accompanying program will consist of rooms and bathrooms that can be assigned to family use, children room, personal office, workplace, business … etc. Also you can dispose of it with solidarity, economic, strategic or accommodation for assistants in case of illness or old age goals.

Project: 104 housing consumption almost zero.

Client: Solvia.

State: 2nd Prize Ex Aequo.

Location: Torrejón de Ardoz,  Madrid. España

Surface: 10000 m2

Architects: baKpak architects + Ignacio de la Peña Muñoz

Energy Consultant: Bernardino Morillo Merino