Carbures Headquarters

Hybrid building: office, research and development and showroom.
Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz (Spain).

this is the baKpak of the building

We find clear starting premises: construction, three promoters, and three different uses.

As promoters: a specialized foundation in the study and dissemination of carbon fiber, a company of strategic planning for SMEs, and a recycling company derived from carbon fiber, and the types of uses that we find are offices, showroom, and industrial.

Analyzed more in depth the complexity of the project, we went to carry out different analysis: affinities, applications, connections, visuals, transitions… All of these relationships helped us to start generating a programmatic map on which to work, which we can summarize in the following equation:


Or what is the same, the whole is the sum of three personalities, but where A has to look at C, where A plug to B, where B must be connected to C and where A, B and C are different.

This system placed, for the premises aforementioned, should enter an industrial urban structure between dividing the result of the sum of four plots of 16 x 32 x 10, or what is the same volume of 38,912 m3, a facade of 64 meters in length and an area of 2432 m2 (ground cover).

The project was conceived from a perspective of 64 x 32 x 10 which is carved like a sculpture by Jorge Oteiza, following the assumptions listed above and result in a functional and program management, where the light and crossed views are projected and reflected, relating to other volumes.

The result of this process the proposal generates 34074.24 m3 of construction, an open m3 4837.76 m3, 1952.95 m2 constructed, 872 m2 of office, 420 m2 of exhibition space, 520 m2 of warehouse, two arcaded access areas, direct and indirect, two interior courtyards, one stairwell, and one open side; a building bridge supported by a V, an outdoor atrium as a large multipurpose room; and two industrial sites at the ends as if two square brackets encloses an unknown world inside.


Proyects: Carbures Headquarters.

Client: Carbures Europe S.L.

State: Constructed.

Location: Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz (Spain).

Surface: 3.000 m2.

Architects: baKpak architects

Collaborators: Marta Gonzalo.

Performance Director: Daniel Pérez Lorenzo.

Constructor: Ansal Group S. L.

Installation Consultant: Puerto Lux (Electricity+Telecommunications) + Green Cold (Air conditioning).

Structural Consultant: Añuri.