Carbures Airport

Industrial composite materials production plant and research and development central of Carbures Group.
Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz (Spain).

this is the baKpak of the building

It is a building for the manufacturing, research, and the testing of carbon fiber. The program is broken down into the following areas: Research and Development + i, offices, storage, tools warehouse, clean room, autoclave-curing zone, ultrasound and inspection, recount and repair, parts and completion of packaging, and point of sale.

The project aims to create a chain of linear fitting by means production. This is organized at a central axis with the obligatory processes, to which they to go attaching themselves to secondary ones.

The concept of industrial process, the machine, the assembly line … is reflected in the proposal and its own external appearance . A clean and transparent, easy-to-understand industry that reflects their internal processes.

After a simplification of the program, it is decided that the plant has a  “U ” shape with a main focus, which is the northeast façade connecting to the warehouse and final processes, with a central space for future expansion of the clean room. The west facade gives way to offices, locker rooms, and the engineering dining room, and ahead, a lattice of galvanized steel straps in which the interstices generate some light-filled courtyards with greenery.

The engineering offices have large windows overlooking the interior parts of the facility, from where one can have more control over the process, and with a glass facade to the exterior.

The industrial zone is constructed with a white metal structure, white sandwich-panel enclosures, and facades and skylights in a translucent opal white polycarbonate.

The plant closes in on itself generating a clean and clear image to the exterior due to the processes of R + D + i and climatological strength, naturally illuminating itself from the skylights ready to give cover.

Project: Carbures Airport.

Client: Carbures Europe S.L.

State: Constructed.

Location: Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz (Spain).

Surface 15.000 m2.

Architects: baKpak architects

Collaborators: Agueda Gónzalez Sanchez.

Performance Director: Isabel María Mulero Camacho.

Constructor: Ansal Group S. L.

Instalations Consultant: Puerto Lux (Electricity+Telecommunications) + Green Cold (Air conditioning).

Structural Consultant: Añuri (Metal structure).

Aeronautic Consultant: Enrique David Hermoso Collado.

Photography: Jesús Granada.