217 villas in Cortijo Norte

Competition. 2nd Prize. Urban planning and architectural design 217 single-family villas.
Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Spain


this is the baKpak of the building

217 villas in a privileged enclave, urban edge of the municipality Boadilla del Monte with the Regional Park of the Middle Course of the river Guadarrama. The landscape as an essential element in our intervention.

The concept of project is to introduce nature within the plot and “after” implant the architectures. Feel that the homes are closer to the park than to the city.

We propose to interweave the buildings and nature in themed fringes. These green bands create a strong frame of continuous free spaces that sponge the proposal. A way of life in direct relation with nature, introducing not only woodland and flora, but also lakes that strengthen the relationship with the Rio Guadarrama.

The road access to the dwellings is mostly buried inside the plot, which makes possible a neighborhood free of cars, reinforcing the green and natural character of the proposal.

A kinder urbanization that responds to the potential of the natural context and raises the quality standards sought on a larger scale. The architecture of the exterior spaces therefore puts in value the architecture of the houses.

The main implantation and geometry decisions of the dwellings respond to three fundamental principles: south illumination, cross ventilation and search of the privacy of views. Contemporary design that does not renounce at any point to the luxury and programmatic standards imposed by the bases of this contest.

Project: Urban planning and architectural design 217 single-family villas.

Client: Dos puntos.

State: Competition, 2nd Prize.

Location: Boadilla del Monte, Madrid (Spain).

Surface: 111.742,66 m2.

Architects: baKpak architects.

Collaborators: Anas Honeiny, José Ramón Vidal, Alberto Torrado.

Consulting: Idom

Technical architect: Juan José Calle Perez

Visualization: Lemons Bucket