6 August, 2020

Bakpak wins second prize in the international competition for the design of the Ingolstadt tower in Germany

Bakpak Architects together with the Garnisch + Werndle Architekten GmbH office win the Second Prize at the Ingolstadt Tower International Competition in Germany.

It is a restricted competition for the design of a representative tower for the corporate headquarters of Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte in the German city of Ingolstadt, whose project includes technologically innovative and functional aspects.

The project sits at a crossroads on the edge of the historic center and close to the old wall. Ingolstadt is known for its incredible defense architecture from bygone eras. In the project, architecture must not only create references to physical elements, but also create a relationship with history and culture. In particular, the historical importance of the city wall was the source of inspiration in the design process and, from there, the displacement of the volumes among themselves and the establishment of a geometric line reference to the city wall.

The design of the proposal, which from a functional point of view is a horizontal and vertical stratification of volumes, uses this property to respond to the different dimensions of the city. The horizontal part is aligned with the street in order to create an urban continuity. The high vertical volume has a representative effect, with an expressive identification element that is visible from all entrances to the city and from the city center.

With this, there are already 6 projects that Bakpak has designed in Germany together with different German partners.


Ingostadt Tower_cam_02

Ingostadt Tower_cam_03